Ro Vereto 4 m.

Alina 3 m.


 Katrina and Kaya







Dagmar and g-litter



S*Sätrabrunns Alice



SilviCola Zeke*PL



S*Löddeskogens My Fair Lady



S*Sätrabrunns Clinton and Castro



S*Löddeskogens My Fair Lady



S*Löddeskogens Laura Pausini



NL*Timaracoons Curley Sue



S*Sätrabrunns Garp



S*Sätrabrunns Gerta



S*Topzytails Hedvig



NL*Timaracoons O´Conor




S*Sätrabrunns Evita Peron



S*Sätrabrunns Alice



S*Sätrabrunns Clinton



S*Sätrabrunns Ben



S*Sätrabrunns Alice



S*Sätrabrunns Alice



S*Sätrabrunns Arn



Silvi Cola Zeke*PL



S*Generalcoons Meo



S*Sätrabrunns Boris



S*Generalcoons Meo



DE*Just Coons Evil Balder



Kitten are difficult to get on a picture



Hedvig and the poor mouse...


Our Beautiful My Fair Lady 5 mouths



Zeke 9 months at home at last.


Zeke on show i Czechia, he is the cat with more red to the left.

Jolantas daughter and Zeke

Zeke to the left, his brother Zah-ah -ree won the BIS bouth days.

Zeke got Ex2 and s good judgement.